About me

Hi, I’m Sean Iddings. I am a musician turned investor, turned entrepreneur. Most of my day is spent running Immersion Factory LLC and being a dad.

The Woodshedd is my actual office. The 20’x10' Amish built structure is my refuge. There I spend time working, thinking, reading, playing guitar and building Inspīr 3D wall art (coming soon).

A balanced life, that is what I strive for.

Current Interests:

  • Applying intelligent fanatic principals to my own business
  • Virtual Reality
  • Choose Your Own Adventures as a medium to share wisdom

Ian Cassel & I co-wrote the Intelligent Fanatics books (#1 & #2) and we published a third on Indian fanatics here.

I’m also a Microcap investor. My Woodshedding and obsession with intelligent fanatics helped me hold onto a 50+ bagger. Read about my journey investing in Xpel here.

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