Can I Build This - Update 4

I run a real estate photography business.

My goal is to replicate my model in other markets and dominate a much larger portion of the overall market.

This is part of a weekly series of updates on how I’m doing.

My business ended the week with the following results:

first full week April results

  • 88% GM
  • Hours worked ~10 hours

Fewer shoots than normal. People are on vacation.

GM better this week due to advance booking deposit for multiple shoots in the summer.

I joined Latticework run by @BlasMoros. Had the on boarding call on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to joining this group. Blas is one of the sharpest guys I know and he is building the community right.

Check it out!

Excess time was spent problem solving a very exciting offering that dovetails with Inspīr 3D Wallart.

Problem was solved. I’m over the moon excited to launch this. Updates to come soon.

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